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Safe Aire Filter

Some of the features and benefits of the Sartek SafeAire Filter:

The Sartek SafeAire Filter was tested by a certified laboratory, installed on a PTAC running at 350CFM. Our bare filter (no prefilter or other filters) eliminated 99.9% of a test virus PHI X174, in a 1000 cubic foot chamber, in under 2 hours. The Sartek SafeAire filter performed this task with less than a 4% reduction of airflow!

Tremendous system energy cost reduction, typically up to a 10 times reduction in system power requirements over HEPA filters, for the same air volume filtered.

Adaptable to existing systems without any filter holder modification.

A truly washable and easily maintained filter that will remain effective throughout its’ life, without any serious reduction of effectiveness.

Environmentally friendly, virtually eliminates the need to dispose of filters in a land fill

Safe handling, viruses, microbe and bacteria are neutralized after brief contact with the filter, therefore the potential of human contamination is virtually eliminated.

Very short period for return on investment.  The Safeaire system typically costs the same a 1 HEPA filter and the Sartek SafeAire system has a Lifetime Warranty for material and workmanship.

No electrician required, the SafeAire control module can use the 24VAC of your unit, 12VDC or even a battery pack. 

Non-toxic materials, the SafeAire system uses materials that are safe for humans and animals but toxic to viruses, bacteria and microbes.

The filter system has no moving parts and the effectiveness of the antiviral/antimicrobial material does not diminish over time.

The SafeAire system can be used in conjunction with other filter media such as UVC, Activated Carbon, MERV filters to create the most effective system for the facility being protected.

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U.S. Patent Pending Number 17352840



The LED2000 System is the latest innovation in underwater lighting from Sartek. TheLED2000 System answers diver's concern with travelling with dive light batteries.  The LED2000 System uses 26650  Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. The LED2000 produces 2000 lumens at 6000K. The battery canister is 1.75" in diameter, the lighthead is 1.75" diameter at the head and 3.5" long. The lighthead and the battery canister are machined from Solid Delrin rod, a extremely strong and durable engineering polymer and the batteries are held in a copper sleeve which protects the batteries from physical and thermal damage. The battery canister is double O ring sealed and is activated by turning the cap clockwise for ON and Counterclockwise for OFF.  This system is the epitome of the KISS principle. The LED2000 system comes with 26650 rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, USB charger and is available in canister/battery configurations with BL10(4 hour burntime,6.5" long), BL15  (6 hour burntime,9.5" long) or BL20 (8 hour burntime, 12.5" long)  Options include Wetmateable connectors, custom cable length, Goodman Handle w/ Tekna knife and power control at the lighthead. 


The LED5000VW video light has a 5000 lumen 120 degree beam spread @ 5600 degrees K.  It uses only 36 watts of power to produce 5000 lumens which is the equivalent of 300 watts of halogen lighting.  Comes equipped with a wetmate cable.

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LED10000VW is a 10800 lumen, 6500 degree K, 120 degree beam angle, Video and Photography light, with a wetmate connector. The LED10800 uses the highest output LEDs available. The LED10000 is comparable to a 150-175 watt HID system. The LED10000 has an extremely even lighting pattern that reproduces color and contrast beautifully. Can be powered with NIMH and Lithium Ion batteries. Depth rated to 1000' .Comes with 1/4-20 mounting base. 10A @ 12VDC

24Vac to 12Vdc power converter
24 Vac -to-12 Vdc converter (use to convert HVAC system’s 24 Vac power supply to 12 Vdc)
Power Distribution Box 12Vac to 12Vdc
Power Distribution Box,
95 to 260 Vac 50/60 Hz Input, 12 Vdc Output,
10”W x 8.25”H x 3.75”D
Supports up to 30 Anti-Viral/Anti-Bacterial Filter power inputs
120Vac to 12Vdc Power Adapter
95 to 260 Vac 50/60 Hz Input to 12 Vdc Output Power Adapter (powers up to 4 filters)
4-way Power Splitter
4-Way Power Splitter (For use with adapter PS12-1.5)
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