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15.6 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery Pack with Acrylic canister and charger Voltage: 11.1 VDC Capacity: 15.6 AH Dimensions: 3.75" D x 7.5" L / 9.52cm x 19.1cm Buoyancy: -2 lbs / -.9kg Material: Acrylic Burn Time (with HID-10MR): 12 hours

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The RSV-1 is a modular control valve that allows a diver to switch breathing gas supplies in less than a second.

The RSV-1 is particularly useful to a Public Safety Diver utilizing a full-face mask. 

The RSV-1  allows the diver to switch to their alternate air supply without removing their mask (a valuable feature when diving in toxic or hazardous locations).

The RSV-1 allows divers the ability to assist a entangled diver by being able to pass off a spare tank or connect a surface gas supply to the RSV-1. 

With the white button down and the safety clip installed, the RSV-1 is routing the breathing gas through the threaded fitting which is the Primary gas supply.

Release the safety clip and press the button on the bottom of the RSV-1 and the RSV-1 is routing the breathing gas through the quick disconnect fitting and you are on your alternate supply

(which is indicated by the brightly colored band at the top of the RSV-1 shuttle.

With only one moving part, maintenance is easy. Simply freshwater rinse the RSV-1 along with your other dive gear.  

Dry the RSV-1 and remove only one screw in order to disassemble and grease the "O"-rings.

The RSV-1 is made from Delrin (a high tech engineering plastic from DuPont).

The fittings are made from stainless and all "O"-rings are Viton.

The three connection ports are identical, which allows the RSV-1 to be configured to suit the dive mission. 

RSV-1 adapters and configurations currently available for: Interspiro AGA mask, OTS Guardian, EXOxmask, and most standard regulators with a 9/16-18 thread.

Quick disconnect fittings include: AGA, Seaquest Air Source, and Scuba ProAir 2 fittings.

Harness mount and customized fittings are available. The RSV-1 is intended for use by Public Safety, Military, Technical and Commercial Divers. 


Safe Aire Filter

Some of the features and benefits of the Sartek SafeAire Filter:

The Sartek SafeAire Filter was tested by a certified laboratory, installed on a PTAC running at 350CFM. Our bare filter (no prefilter or other filters) eliminated 99.9% of a test virus PHI X174, in a 1000 cubic foot chamber, in under 2 hours. The Sartek SafeAire filter performed this task with less than a 4% reduction of airflow!

Tremendous system energy cost reduction, typically up to a 10 times reduction in system power requirements over HEPA filters, for the same air volume filtered.

Adaptable to existing systems without any filter holder modification.

A truly washable and easily maintained filter that will remain effective throughout its’ life, without any serious reduction of effectiveness.

Environmentally friendly, virtually eliminates the need to dispose of filters in a land fill

Safe handling, viruses, microbe and bacteria are neutralized after brief contact with the filter, therefore the potential of human contamination is virtually eliminated.

Very short period for return on investment.  The Safeaire system typically costs the same a 1 HEPA filter and the Sartek SafeAire system has a Lifetime Warranty for material and workmanship.

No electrician required, the SafeAire control module can use the 24VAC of your unit, 12VDC or even a battery pack. 

Non-toxic materials, the SafeAire system uses materials that are safe for humans and animals but toxic to viruses, bacteria and microbes.

The filter system has no moving parts and the effectiveness of the antiviral/antimicrobial material does not diminish over time.

The SafeAire system can be used in conjunction with other filter media such as UVC, Activated Carbon, MERV filters to create the most effective system for the facility being protected.

       EMAIL:  [email protected]

U.S. Patent Pending Number 17352840



An intensely bright 5000 Lumen 120 degree LED assembly in a Sartek 3-C cell Aluminum Housing, depth rated to 1000', up to a 100,000+ hour lamp life. Burn time on rechargeable 26650 lithium cells 2 hours at full output . This is the toughest light you'll ever own.  The body is machined from a solid rod of aluminum. Lifetime warranty against material and workmanship defects.


An intensely bright 2000 Lumen 8 degree LED assembly in a Sartek 3-C cell Aluminum Housing, brighter than a 18 watt HID, depth rated to 1000', up to a 100,000+ hour lamp life. Burn time on C cells is 1-2 hours at full output and over 24 hours at reduced output and useable light for 200+ hours. This is the toughest light you'll ever own. This system gives you the choice of using Alkaline, Lithium Ion or NiMH batteries, as your lighting needs change. The body is machined from a solid rod of aluminum. Lifetime warranty against material and workmanship defects.

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The SBV-1 allows a diver to easily breathe air directly into the Oral/Nasal Cavity of a full-face mask without the risk of CO2 buildup, mask fogging or needing to force exhalation to overcome the resriction of second stage exhaust valve.

The SBV-1 design allows divers to stand fully operational on the surface without reducing their gas supply.

The SBV-1 is available for most full-face masks. The low profile of the SBV-1 reduces the chance of an entanglement. 


The SBV-1 is designed for divers utilizing a full-face mask. It is perfect for public safety divers that dress en route to a call.

A diver can arrive fully dressed, mask on, ready to enter the water.

Backup and 90% divers can maintain a ready position with the mask on, instead of placing the mask on only in the event of an emergency.

This reduces the possibility of a backup diver rushing, placing the mask on improperly and not maintaining a seal, wasting precious time during potential life-or-death situation.

For instructors, the SBV-1 saves time and energy by allowing them to talk through the SBV-1 and not having to remove their mask. 

There is only one moving part. Simply freshwater rinse the SBV-1 along with the full-face mask. Periodically grease the "O" rings, and you're done!

To place the SBV-1 on an AGA full-face mask, simply remove the communications port cover by removing the two screws that attach the cover.

Replace the cover with the SBV-1 and tighten the two screws.

To place the SBV-1 on a OTS Guardian Mask, remove the communications port cover and press in the SBV-1 with its adapter plate.

The SBV is available for AGA, OTS Guardian, Ocean Reef and EXO full-face masks.

The SBV-1 can be fitted with your communications microphone and because the SBV-1 center section is the same for all masks.

The SBV-1 with the communications connection can be used on different masks without the need to buy a dedicated comm system for every mask.


Underwater Color Drop Camera with Stainless Steel Housing and 150' of cable Resolution 700 lines, Sensitivity .0001 Lux

Shown with optional overbraid


The LED2000 System is the latest innovation in underwater lighting from Sartek. TheLED2000 System answers diver's concern with travelling with dive light batteries.  The LED2000 System uses 26650  Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. The LED2000 produces 2000 lumens at 6000K. The battery canister is 1.75" in diameter, the lighthead is 1.75" diameter at the head and 3.5" long. The lighthead and the battery canister are machined from Solid Delrin rod, a extremely strong and durable engineering polymer and the batteries are held in a copper sleeve which protects the batteries from physical and thermal damage. The battery canister is double O ring sealed and is activated by turning the cap clockwise for ON and Counterclockwise for OFF.  This system is the epitome of the KISS principle. The LED2000 system comes with 26650 rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, USB charger and is available in canister/battery configurations with BL10(4 hour burntime,6.5" long), BL15  (6 hour burntime,9.5" long) or BL20 (8 hour burntime, 12.5" long)  Options include Wetmateable connectors, custom cable length, Goodman Handle w/ Tekna knife and power control at the lighthead. 

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