The Sartek SafeAire Model SA120 comes with a Universal Voltage wall plug in power supply and a mobile 12vdc adapter

The SA120 has two speeds, High 120cfm for daytime use and a Low 60cfm for ultra-quiet nightime use.

The SA120 uses less than 12 watts in high mode and less than 6 watts in low mode.

The SA120 filter can be removed,  cleaned and reinstalled in minutes. The SA120 filter is reuseable for years without the need for replacement.

This product, like all Sartek products, is warranteed against material and workmanship defects for as long as you own it.

U.S. Patent Pending Number 63042312

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U.S. Patent Pending Number 63042312

No....This isn't another "catch and release" air filter system!

The Sartek SafeAire system is a COVID Killer!

The Sartek System captures and kills airborne viruses and bacteria with a reusable filter. This air purifying system is totally different from the ones that are being advertised everywhere, it works. Typically the available systems rely on a HEPA filter or a combination of MERV particle filters or UVC to stop airborne contaminants. There are a couple of problems with these systems: 1) HEPA filters can stop particles that are .3 microns in size or larger, the bare COVID19 virus is .05 microns. 2) HEPA and MERV filters DO NOT KILL the VIRUS, they merely capture them. Which means that when the filter needs to be disposed of that you could be handling a filter with active viruses present, which the CDC and the FDA have not addressed yet. In a medical setting these filters would need to be treated as contaminated waste, Red Bagged and incinerated. UVC is very effective in killing viruses and bacteria, providing that the exposure is strong enough and long enough to neutralize them. Unfortunately, most often in a air handling system neither of these factors gets to occur. The air volume that is being processed almost never permits the proper exposure to insure neutralization of the contaminants. The HEPA and MERV rated filters severely impact the airflow of the systems that they are installed in and this results in a waste of energy and ineffective air treatment. The Sartek SafeAire System effectively captures and kills viruses and bacteria with minimal effect on airflow. The Sartek filters are removeable and can be cleaned and reinstalled in minutes. The Sartek filters will maintain effective air treatment for years without the need for replacement.
The Sartek SafeAire filter system was lab tested in a 1000 cu ft test booth with 350 CFM air handler using a Phi-X174 virus (.03 microns), which is smaller than the Covid19 virus (.05 microns), and it eliminated 99.9% of the virus in 2 hours.
The Sartek SafeAire model SA120 unit below is rated at 120 CFM and can turnover and filter the air in a 1000 cu ft room more than 6 times an hour.
This unit uses a safe 12vdc power supply so they can be used plugged in to house power or connected to a cigarette lighter outlet in a car or boat. Retail Price $250 plus shipping.
We are offering a limited time discount of 30% off the retail price as an incentive for our customers to find out how good our lab tested system performs. That's right $175 plus shipping.
We are also building custom larger versions of these filters that can be installed in existing HVAC, PTAC, room air conditioners and standalone air filter systems. Contact us at info@sartek.com for more information and pricing.


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